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Capitalism today

The Brazilian Communist Party held its XVI Congress in November 2021 and has recently released an English language translation of the congress' political statement For Popular Power, towards Socialism!.

It opens with an analysis of "Capitalism today" that is worth quoting in full.

Capitalism today

The capitalist mode of production, as a way of organizing the production and distribution of wealth, is in an accelerated process of exhaustion. The continuity of this system represents a serious threat to the very existence of humanity and to life across the planet.

The 21st century definitely marks the period in which the systemic crisis of capitalism has become more intense and profound, affecting all sectors of social life, a process that has intensified with the global health crisis. As in other moments in history, big business and its representatives in institutionality seek a way out of this serious crisis by attacking peoples, destroying the rights and guarantees of workers, lowering wages, carrying out mass layoffs, devastating the environment, attacking democratic liberties and advancing against public funds, with the aim of recovering profit rates by placing the entire burden of the crisis they‘ve created on the workers, the youth and the poor population in general.

It is increasingly evident that the social transformations necessary to overcome this situation cannot be carried out within the limits of the capitalist system, and the only way to open the way for a new stage in human history is to overcome capitalism and build a socialist society.

Even shaken by the crisis, imperialism, which is the organic and political expression of big capital, tries in every way to get out of the crisis and maintain this old rotten and inhuman order. Capitalist governments intensify and radicalize neoliberal policies and allocate trillions of dollars to privilege rentier sectors, save banks and private companies, expand the looting of public resources, intensify sabotage, international sanctions and the promotion of wars as a way to strengthen the military industrial complex and reduce the crisis of imperialist hegemony.

In Latin America, the United States and its allies are intensifying the criminal blockade against Cuba and sanctions against Venezuela and creating military bases in several countries. The US have reactivated the IV Fleet to blackmail the nations and have the power of rapid intervention in the region, promote coups against governments to guarantee the defense of their interests and control natural resources, such as the biodiversity of the Amazon and the Brazilian pre-salt oil reserves.

For the communists it becomes more and more explicit that this system will not fall from rottenness, nor will it be structurally modified through gradual reforms to make it more humane. On the contrary, the more the crisis deepens, the more the system resists as aggressively as possible, without any scruples, to defend its interests. The big bourgeoisie already supported the Nazi-fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, military genocidals in the Latin American dictatorships and today it allies itself with fascist gangs in several countries.

It is the task of the communists to defeat, through the organized struggle of the proletariat and its allies, this system that exploits human beings and nature and encourages barbarism and misery on the planet.



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