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Castro on the counter-revolution in the USSR

"I might say that communism destroyed itself, that it committed suicide in the USSR, and that it had no reason for committing suicide. It was a big surprise, both to us and to you in the Western world. All the values that were the foundations of that great country were destroyed. A country that rendered great service to mankind, because I believe the commitments Lenin and the October Revolution assumed are extraordinary deeds in mankind's history. The USSR's role in the fight against fascism was crucial, and so was its role in the process of liberating old colonies. What I mean to say is that if the world has changed, it is because of the USSR's decisive contribution. I maintain that the USSR should not have been destroyed but improved, and that socialism should not have been destroyed but improved. But what was the result? The current unipolar world is under U.S. domination. A large sector of the world is suffering the consequences of this." -- Fidel Castro from an interview in 1994.


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