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Coalition of anti-imperialist nations launch Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the UN

A coalition of 18 anti-imperialist nations on July 6 launched the Group of Friends in Defense of the Charter of the United Nations to uphold "the right to self-determination, non-interference in the internal affairs of States, and the respect for the territorial integrity and political independence of all nations."

The founding nations involved are Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Nicaragua, the State of Palestine, Russia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Syria, and Venezuela.

Many of these nations have faced western or US interventions or sanctions that are illegal under international law.

We reaffirm our determination to fulfill our promise with “We the Peoples of the United Nations”, as well as our pledge of leaving no one behind, while stressing the need to ensure the prevalence of legality over force. In this regard, we vow to spare no effort in preserving, promoting and defending at every relevant fora the prevalence and validity of the Charter of the United Nations, which, in the current international juncture, has a renewed and even more important value and relevance.

Full statement:

Virtual launch:


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