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Communist parties of Mexico and the USA demand an end to imperialist campaign against Cuba

Communist parties in Mexico and the United States have joined those in countries like Canada, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and Ireland in denouncing recent attempts by the US to destabilize socialist Cuba as well as the ongoing, illegal imperialist economic blockade.

The Communist Party of Mexico adds its voice to all those who demand the end of the criminal blockade of the United States against the people of Cuba and its Revolution, an imperialist blockade that is responsible for serious and continuous effects on the economy and development of that sister country that suffers as a result of its determination to choose sovereignty and an independent path.

The blockade is a weapon of war used for more than half a century, and along with it, other reprehensible measures have been used, such as terrorism, attacks, and other laws to affect third parties, with the purpose of suffocating Cuba. In addition, there is the provocative attitude of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, which never ceases in its promotion of counterrevolutionary activities.

The Communist Party of Mexico stands with the Cuban workers, with the people and with the Communist Party of Cuba, as well as with its government today headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel. We will continue to fight against the blockade and to break it with solidarity actions.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Mexico

The Communist Party USA International Department condemns the latest attempt by the U.S. State Department, along with its corporate-backed agents, to overthrow the government of Cuba. We are stunned, but not surprised, by the cruelty, lies, opportunism, and disgusting victim-blaming being perpetrated by the U.S. government, the telecommunications industry, and their political allies as they once again attempt to destabilize Cuba and blatantly ignore the sovereign equality of nations.

Cubans are hungry. Why? Because the U.S. government is purposely and knowingly starving the entire country. The U.S. ruling class is committing a crime on par with the slaughter in Gaza, a crime which is condemned year after year by the entire global community. We must be out in the streets every day demanding: “End the blockade, and remove Cuba from the baseless State Sponsors of Terrorism list now!”

The ruling class of the U.S. is using your tax payer dollars without your consent to torture a small island nation. And for what crime? The crime of providing free education, healthcare, and social services to its people, the crime of refusing to aid the U.S. in its colonial projects in Latin America, the crime of refusing to let U.S. banks and telecommunications industries expand their monopolies into Cuba.

While the U.S. spends 1 trillion dollars a year on wars that its citizens have no democratic say in, Cuba sends doctors around the world for free.

The depravity of the U.S. ruling class’ foreign policy towards the Cuban people is our international shame and only we, the working class majority of this country, can stop it.

See you in streets.



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