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Communists block NATO convoy in Greece

As part of their ongoing campaign against imperialist war, NATO and NATO expansion, Communist Party of Greece (KKE) militants on May 31 held a "symbolic blockade of a convoy of 17 NATO military vehicles from the UK returning from a NATO exercise in the Balkans, outside the port of Igoumenitsa."

In their statement about the action they said:

The protesters demanded that the port of Igoumenitsa should not be used as a base of the imperialists, sending a message against our country’s involvement in the imperialist war.
Police forces attempted to intimidate the protesters; however, their efforts failed thanks to the determination and composure of the communists. After blocking the road for some time, the members of the KKE left in an organized manner.

On May 28 the KKE, Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) and host the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) participated in an event in Madrid "under the slogan “Their Wars, Our Dead”, the participants denounced the criminal role of NATO and claimed the disengagement of their countries from the imperialist organization."

On May 12 the KKE held an anti-war demonstration on the Acropolis in Athens under the slogan “No to war. No involvement. No to the bases of death.” Rallies were held in other cities as well.

They were called after the Greek government "voted in Parliament for the new despicable Greece-US agreement that provides for the expansion of the US-NATO military bases in Greece." This comes against the backdrop of the imperialist war in Ukraine.



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