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Daily LIFT #1017

The Chinese Delegation at the Third World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace, Berlin, German Democratic Republic 1951 -- Daily LIFT 1017

From the Chinese press:

The Third World Festival of Youth and Students for Peace held in Berlin from August 5-19 was a great victory for world youth in their struggle for peace. In spite of all the efforts of the warmongers to sow dissension and hatred among the peoples of the world and their disreputable attempts to sabotage the Festival, no less than 25,000 young delegates representing the youth of 104 nations together with two million young Germans, succeeded in reaching Berlin. Many had to break through the blockade of the Anglo-American imperialists.

Under the banner of peace, they sang, danced, took part in athletic tournaments and peace rallies, protested in one voice against the dangers of a new world war and called for a Five-Power Peace Pact. Three hundred and thirty-two Chinese youth delegates attended the Festival, including army, navy and airforce heroes of the People's Liberation Army, combat heroes of the Chinese people's volunteers, model workers, young people from the national minorities and various religions, student representatives, athletic teams, and a literary and art troupe.


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