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Daily LIFT #1212

The Motherland Calls Stalingrad Monument under construction, April 1963 -- Daily LIFT #1212

From the Soviet Press, April 1963:

Overgrown with wormwood, torn by shrapnel, furrowed by grenades and soaked with blood, Mamayev Hill, where the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943 stood their ground to last. Now the ring of the stonecutters' chisels fills the air, and the jibs of tower cranes float slowly in the sky: a monument to the men who fell in that battle is nearing completion.

The photo shows a section of the monument: a soldier with a submachine gun in one hand and a grenade in the other rises from a huge boulder. Engraved on the rock are the words, "Stand to the last, not a single step backward." Although the monument is not yet finished, visitors have been coming to Mamayev Hill to pay tribute to the heroes.

The completed monument:

To learn more about the great Soviet memorial complex see: Mamayev Kurgan: The Stalingrad memorial complex at Soviet Volgograd (


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