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Daily LIFT #679

Emblem of the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic -- Daily LIFT #679

The Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was established on March 23, 1919.

According to a 1964 Soviet magazine post in honour of the founding: "Bashkiria is in the central part of the Soviet Union, in the Southern Urals, and is part of the Russian Federation. During the Soviet years its power, metallurgy and oil industries have been developed and its chemical, woodworking, light and food industries much expanded . Gold deposits have been found and are being mined. The population of Bashkiria is 3,603,000, largely Bashkir, Tatar and Russian. The republic has its own constitution. School instruction is given in the Bashkir and Russian languages. The republic has several national theaters and has produced some of the Soviet Union's leading writers, poets and scientists."

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