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Defend the future!

"Never before has humanity witnessed such an upsurge in the power of reaction and the empire is beset by all kinds of contradictions. But this is the time we're in, and I think that, right now, the preservation of values is of decisive importance for all progressives, all true democrats and all revolutionaries - all who want the best for humanity and who cherish the noblest sentiments. Preserving those values is of unquestionable importance.

No matter what happens, other times will come. Right now we're in the midst of a huge reactionary wave; later, a huge revolutionary wave, a huge progressive wave will come again. This is for certain.

Therefore, I think that what we're doing is of great importance for the future, but it doesn't make us believe that the future is entirely dependent on us. It gives us great encouragement to know that we're defending the future and that we're a symbol of the future and of those principles for a world filled with people who are hungry, exploited and suffering." - Fidel Castro, 1992, during some of the hardest days of the Cuban revolution.

Castro would have turned 94 today.



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