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"Defund the Police": Red Daily newswire June 22

With news from the Black Lives Matter Movement, Bolivia, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from the weekend of June 20 / 21.

Featured article:

Why is being called 'racist' more offensive than racism itself? White fragility silences voices, says advocate

If the Bloc Quebecois could shift their outrage of one of their members being called a "racist" toward actually addressing racism, then perhaps we could start taking actions to address the racism that millions of Canadians face.

Black Lives Matter Movement:

Vehicle Attacks Rise As Extremists Target Protesters

Workers Shut Down West Coast Ports in Support of Nationwide Revolts

Eric Trump Calls Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Animals’ at Tulsa Rally

Noose found in stall of Bubba Wallace at Alabama NASCAR race

Lawyer who posted Black Lives Matter 'leftist lie' video resigns from Alberta judicial vetting committee

‘Defund the police’: Protesters paint message on street in front of Toronto police headquarters

Proposal to disarm Toronto cops met with silence at police board meeting

Massey College's only Black governing board member resigns over Margaret Wente appointment

Racist Violence Can’t Be Separated from the Violence of Neoliberal Capitalism

'An Extraordinary Moment': Angela Davis Says Protests Recognize Long Overdue Anti-Racist Work


Bolivia Reaches New Infection Record as Health System Collapses

Bolivia: Hospitals Close Due to Staff Exposure With COVID-19

Bolivia De-Facto Gov't Enacts Law, Elections Sept. 6


Family of 62-year-old man fatally shot by police in Mississauga, Ont. calls for public inquiry

Capitalist Coronavirus Crisis:

Brave New Workforce

Climate Emergency:

Hottest day ever recorded north of the Arctic Circle; reached 100.4 F; 80 years faster than expected

'This Scares Me,' Says Bill McKibben as Arctic Hits 100.4°F—Hottest Temperature on Record


Colombia: Social Orgs Denounce Killing of Another Leader



UK, France, And Germany Refuse To Endorse US Sanctions on Iran

Israel / Palestine:

Palestinians Fear Exclusion With Israel's Annexation Plan

Israel: Netanyahu’s son wants minorities out of Tel Aviv


Mexico: Enforced Disappearances at Anti-Police Brutality Rally

United States:

‘They Just Dumped Him Like Trash’: Nursing Homes Evict Vulnerable Residents

Senators Find $14 Billion in Unspent Funds After Trump Admits to Ordering Slowdown in Covid-19 Testing

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