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EU's Cuba resolution "a hypocritical act of arbitrary interference": World Peace Council

Cubans rally in defense of the revolution, July 17, 2021

Following on the heels of the Cuban National Assembly, the Communist Party of Greece, the Portuguese Communist Party and many others, the World Peace Council has issued a strong statement denouncing the statement calling for penalties against Cuba and Cuban leaders pushed through the European Parliament on July 12 by conservative and far right MEPs (Members of the European Parliament).

The recent resolution of the European Parliament (EP) which is demanding new sanctions against the heroic people of Cuba and its leadership constitutes a provocation against the common sense of the vast majority of people worldwide. The European Union and its institutions apply once more their tactics of the “carrot and the stick”, as a genuine tool of the capital and as a true imperialist structure. The E.U. is interfering in the domestic affairs of Cuba without any moral or legal authority. The European Parliament has no right and no jurisdiction to judge and examine the whatsoever “performance of Human Rights” of Cuba. It is furthermore a hypocritical act of arbitrary interference which is “whitewashing” the criminal and inhuman blockade of the USA which is imposed for more than six decades on Cuba.

The resolution of the European Parliament denies de facto the right of the Cuban people for access to basic goods, equipment and medicine and the right of the brave Cuban people to determine alone its fortunes and path of development. It goes hand in hand with the imperialist policies of the USA which is trying to strangle and asphyxiate the island of the revolution, it actually does not hide its vicious strive for an overthrow of the Cuban Revolution.

The WPC stands firmly on the side of the Cuban people and its revolution, recognizing the achievements for its people and the contribution to many peoples of the world in many fields.

The EU and the EP in particular, are blindly and fully tolerating the illegal occupation of the sovereign territory of Cuba in its province Guantanamo where the USA have their Naval base and are operating a concentration camp, all against the will of the Cuban people and its government. This is the real violation of Human Rights in Cuba!

The WPC rejects vehemently the resolution of the European Parliament and expresses its solidarity with the Cuban people.

Down with the blockade against Cuba!

Down with the imperialist maneuvers against Cuba!

The WPC Secretariat 17th July 202


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