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Friedrich Engels dies August 5, 1895

Engels poster, People's Republic of China, 1977

August 5, 1895. Friedrich Engels, a founder of scientific communism, friend and comrade in arms of Karl Marx, died on this day. He was the first to express the idea that political activity inevitably leads workers to the realization that they have no other alternative than socialism. Together with Karl Marx, Engels wrote the Manifesto of the Communist Party, in which the Marxist program was first enunciated. It declares that Communists have no interests different

from those of the only consistently revolutionary class expressing the interests of all the people, the proletariat.

In his philosophical works Dialectics of Nature and Anti-Dühring Engels demonstrated , through generalizing the achievements of contemporary science, that just as all natural phenomena are based on material causes, so is the development of human society conditioned by the development of material productive forces. Private property, classes and the state appear at definite stages of economic development and are historically transient. - from USSR Magazine, August 1963

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