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Greed & the pandemic: Red Daily newswire July 3

With news from the Black Lives Matter movement, the US, Canada and elsewhere

International left news from July 2.

Black Lives Matter:



United Kingdom:

United States:


For news as it unfolds see the Red Daily page on Facebook

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Lagatta de Montréal
Lagatta de Montréal
03 juil. 2020

Léopold wasn't just a colonialist - he is what we call a génocidaire (author of one or more genocides). Some scholars say the death toll stood at 10 million. He was up there in Hitler territory. Many tortures and mutilations as well. Black Lives Mattered back then as well.

I have friends in Ghent who are retired professors and lifelong activists; if they were in town they certainly will have attended the removal. There are many Congolese people in Belgium; Brussels has a thriving Congolese neighourhood. Still, as the lovely lady said, they still endure prejudice and denial of their history.

On a less dire note, I wanted to make a balcony sign Black Lives Matter featuring a Black woman…

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