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Greed & the pandemic: Red Daily newswire July 3

With news from the Black Lives Matter movement, the US, Canada and elsewhere

International left news from July 2.

Black Lives Matter:

'This Is Horrendous': US Military Confirms Bayonets Were Issued to Troops Responding to George Floyd Protests

Police unions have helped shield officers from accountability. Now they're facing unprecedented backlash

A 911 call, a racial slur, a refusal to cash a check. This is what it's like for some Black bank customers

Christopher Columbus statue removed from Columbus City Hall

Sawant Condemns Durkan’s Attack on Capitol Hill Organized Protest

David Starkey dropped by publisher and university positions after racist remarks

Australia: Black Lives Matter protesters to take to the streets again — Join the protests this weekend


Communist youth in Austria resist fascist mobilizations


Loblaws employees say stores are handling COVID-19 unsafely, putting them at risk

Supreme Court rejects Indigenous challenge to Trans Mountain pipeline approval

Kill the Mass Eviction Bill: Ford Escalates Threat of Mass Evictions

United Kingdom:

As Domestic Abuse Rises, U.K. Failings Leave Victims in Peril

Young People Are Leaving the Labour Party Because of Keir Starmer

Labour Leader Keir Starmer Appeals To Black People Not To Leave The Party

United States:

LA's Covid-19 'explosion': overwhelmed hospitals, struggling workers, shuttered restaurants

'Greed Is a Danger to Public Health': Progressive Caucus Urges Ban on Big Pharma Coronavirus Price-Gouging

Inquiry Prompted by Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Claim Is Being Blocked, Investigator Says

Eviction protest turns violent as crowd is pepper-sprayed by deputies; courthouse damaged

Baltimore Court Reinstates $38 Million in Damages to Family of Korryn Gaines, Killed by Police

Protesters With Plastic Pitchforks Just Showed Up to Billionaires’ Mansions in the Hamptons


Trump used looted Venezuelan public money to build border wall with Mexico

The High Court's ruling boosts imperialist aggression and piracy against Venezuela

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