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International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-Imperialism held in Havana

First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz - Canel Bermúdez speaks to the meeting, May 2 -- Image via the PCC

The "International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-imperialism, 200 years after the Monroe Doctrine" was held in Havana, Cuba on May 2, 2023 and saw over 1000 foreign delegates and 200 Cubans in attendance, including activists and leaders of associations and movements of solidarity with Cuba, trade unionists, and social activists.

First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz - Canel Bermúdez welcomed the participants calling it an act of courage and commitment in these times to visit Cuba, "we know it and we appreciate it.".

He also noted that for "200 years the policy of the powerful neighbor has been one, to seize Cuba, Latin America and our resources, it has tried to internationalize this policy and has used blockades, isolation policies, economic sanctions, defamation campaigns for them.

We are convinced that this is the main cause of the blockade, to prevent the triumph of a socialist system, independent only 90 miles from the empire".

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo told the attendees that "Cuba practices solidarity and the government of the United States knows that well, that is precisely what they fear, they cannot forgive us that we are here and we have made a socialist revolution in the very noses of the empire".

The meeting then issued a Final Declaration which we have translated from the Spanish in full:

The more than a thousand participants in the "International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba and Anti-imperialism, 200 years after the Monroe Doctrine", with great pride meet again on the Island of Dignity, to ratify our firm support for the Revolution and the Cuban people.

In an extremely complex world where the existence of humanity is in danger, this sister nation resists with stoicism the intensified blockade, imposed to inconceivable levels, by the government of the United States, in the imperialist attempt to destroy the project of social justice that, with sacrifice, courage, unity and creativity is built in Cuba.

Representatives of 271 political, youth, trade union and social organizations from 58 countries, we have shared intense days and exchanges of experiences with workers, youth and people in workplaces and neighborhoods in social transformation, where we appreciate the capacity for resistance and the creative potential that exists to overcome enormous obstacles and shortcomings.

Last year, Cuba suffered three adverse events with loss of human lives and a high material cost: the explosion at the Saratoga Hotel, the fire at the super tanker base in the Matanzas Industrial Zone, and the devastating Hurricane Ian, which mobilized a large amount of resources and a wave of solidarity of thousands of Cubans and friends from numerous countries. reaffirming that Cuba is not alone.

The Cuban people thank us, and we thank Cuba for its vaccines against Covid-19, for its medical brigades that save lives anywhere in the world, for existing, resisting and creating; for being that beacon of commitment and loyalty, to the legacy of Fidel, Raúl and the continuing generation that summons us; for standing tall and fighting; for being a land of peace and friendship, for embracing the idea that a better world is possible and, even more, necessary.

US imperialism and NATO unleash military aggression and do not cease in their attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries to overthrow legitimate progressive governments. They impose blockades, unilateral coercive measures, use political blackmail, and the threat and use of force that seriously endanger world peace, and bring closer the real possibility of nuclear war and the reincarnation of fascism.

Faced with the pretensions of internationalizing the Monroe Doctrine, at its 200 years to seize natural resources and subdue the peoples of the world, we call on all democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces to:

  • Create a broad national and international front in the struggle for peace and against war. Carry out a massive mobilization on September 21, 2023, World Day of Peace, support the peace process in Colombia and defend the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

  • Promote ideas and raise awareness of the need for unity in diversity in defense of national sovereignty, self-determination of peoples, the rights of workers and peoples, dignity and preservation of the environment.

  • Express and increase actions of solidarity with the just causes of the peoples of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Palestine, Puerto Rico, the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

  • Multiply the battle in social networks and digital spaces to confront the campaigns of lies of the media emporiums of imperialism and defend the identity of our peoples against the cultural neocolonialism that they want to impose on us.

  • Demand the immediate exclusion of Cuba from the illegitimate list of State sponsors of terrorism, imposed unilaterally, illegally and immorally by the U.S. government, an arbitrary decision that lacks any justification.

  • Demand the return of the territory illegally occupied by the United States in Guantánamo.

  • Defend the recognition of the humanitarian character of the Cuban Medical Brigades, in the face of defamatory campaigns and misrepresentation of their noble purpose.

  • Mobilize and articulate ourselves in defense of the Cuban Revolution, promoting actions on five continents to demand that the government of the United States put an end to the intensified economic, commercial and financial blockade, which damages the development and well-being of the Cuban people and affects Cuba's relations with third parties due to its extraterritorial nature.

With the example of Cuba, let us build a broad anti-imperialist unity to resist and overcome adversity, the only way that will make our dreams come true that a better world is possible and necessary!

Workers of all countries, unite!

Socialist Cuba has the right to exist!

Long live internationalism and peace!

Long live international solidarity with Cuba and the peoples in struggle!

Long live Cuba Libre!

Cuba yes, blockade no!

Havana, May 2, 2023

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