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June 2 Red Daily Newswire

With news from the Justice For George Floyd Protests, Colombia, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from June 1.

Justice For George Floyd Protests:

Autopsy Finds George Floyd's Death Due To 'Homicide By Asphyxia'

George Floyd killing: widespread curfews fail to stop fresh wave of protests across US

Trump threatens military force if violence in states isn't stopped

Police fire rubber bullets, tear gas to disperse peaceful protest near White House

Biden Proposes Training Cops to Shoot Attackers in the Leg to Reduce Fatalities

George Floyd protests: UK government urged to suspend export of tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields to US amid ‘excessive’ use of force


“America’s Moment of Reckoning”: Cornel West Says Nationwide Uprising Is Sign of “Empire Imploding”

Class struggle, resistance to police violence and racism run deep in Minneapolis history

Minneapolis Police Union President Allegedly Wore a “White Power Patch” and Made Racist Remarks

Police Attacked Protesters After Kneeling for Solidarity Photo Op, Activists Say

Zimbabwe: US Ambassador Summoned Over Accusatory Statements

Protesters in some cities target Confederate monuments

Thousands in New Zealand protest against George Floyd killing

Protest rally for George Floyd held in Athens

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad fired after David McAtee shooting, city unrest


Thousands participate in anti-racism rally in Halifax

Do black lives in Haiti matter to the Canadian government?

Jason Kenney Keeps Making Misleading and Irresponsible Statements About COVID-19

Alberta UCP founding chairman's tweet causes backlash

B.C.'s Independent Investigations Office recommends charges against RCMP in death of Indigenous man

Ford government moving ahead with home care privatization bill

In Guelph, Canada’s other epidemic flares up

Amazon's unrivalled power threatens jobs, communities and democracy: monopoly critic Stacy Mitchell


Colombia: Another Indigenous Leader Murdered in North Santander

FARC-EP Ex-Member Son Murdered In Colombia


IACHR Warns Ecuador on COVID-19 in Amazon's Indigenous Nations


Young People Today Are Uniquely Radical Because Capitalism Has Failed Them

United States:

China Asks State-Firms to Halt Purchases of US Farm Goods

An African American life stolen in DC: We demand accountability

Pro-Trump donors in huge cash drive to boost doctors pushing states to reopen

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