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Lenin, August 11, 1917

Lenin shaved and with a wig while evading arrest by the Provisional Government, Razliv Russia, August 11, 1917

Just three days prior to this photo being taken, on August 8, 1917 the Sixth Congress of the Russian Communist Party was convened.

As USSR Magazine related in 1963: The February Revolution of 1917 overthrew czarism but did not solve most of the problems facing the country.

The Provisional Government, representing the counter revolutionary bourgeoisie, continued the war so unpopular with the people. The land was not turned over to those who worked it . Through mass lockouts the big industrialists tried to abort the Revolution by starving the population. In July 1917, the Provisional Government ordered the Cossacks and military cadets to fire at a mass demonstration of workers gathered around the slogan “All power to the Soviets!"

The Bolsheviks maintained that since the counter revolutionary forces had seized complete power, the peaceful development of the Revolution ( the gradual transition from a bourgeois democratic to a socialist revolution — which they had recognized as a possibility for Russia by reason of specific social and economic factors) was now out of the question. That is why all the decisions of the Sixth Congress of the Party were aimed at preparing for an armed uprising. On the eve of November 7, 1917, the people rose and took power into their own hands.



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