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McCall's Cookie Collection, 1965 -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

w. Vanilla-Nut Icebox Cookies, Honey-Ginger Drops, English Raisin Cookies, Prune Bars and more.

Vintage Cookbook: McCall's Cookie Collection

Publication Details: McCall Magazine 1965

McCall's Cookie Collection is a cookie lover's dream. Dozens of cookie recipes that, unlike so many other recipe books of the time for meats or main dishes, are really not that dated.

The book, which is magazine format, starts with sections on technique and storing cookies and then delves into all the different types from refrigerator or drop cookies to molded, bar, etc.

In a couple of spots they have photo step-by-step recipes one of which included a doll "making" the cookies.

Here we present a cross-section of recipes from the various sections.



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