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Meeting of young communards in Tula w. Sergei Khaibulin, an activist of the Children's Proletkult

Photos of Revolutionary Russia #4

Meeting of young communards in Tula. Sergei Khaibulin, an activist of the Children's Proletkult, speaking 1919 -- Photos of Revolutionary Russia #4

Amazing photo of a child Bolshevik activist addressing a meeting of children from the Children's Proletkult in 1919. The Proletkult ("proletarskaya kultura" (proletarian culture)) was an experimental artistic and cultural movement that arose in the early days of the revolution and lasted until late 1920. At its height had tens of thousands of members.

Its aim was to create a new revolutionary proletarian artistic culture. It was closely associated with early Russian revolutionary avant-garde artists. It was eventually merged into the People's Commissariat for Education (Narkompros).

Its children's wing held events and rallies throughout early Soviet Russia.

The fourth in our series from a Soviet collection of photos from the revolutionary period and the early days of Soviet Russia and the USSR that we will be posting over the next month.



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