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Mushroom, Cheese and Egg Bake

Updated: Feb 3

Today we are going to look at a simple, rustic and yet delicious dish that you can make a number of variations of. But the basics are mushrooms, eggs and cheese. And, unless you add meat, it is also vegetarian.


1 1/2 to 2 pounds cremini or brown mushrooms

200-225 grams of shredded mozzarella cheese (you can also use cheddar, Havarti, Gruyere or any number of other cheeses).

2/3 cup of half & half (10%) cream

10 large eggs

2 tablespoons garlic powder

1 tablespoon mustard powder

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon (or more) cayenne pepper

1 tablespoon onion powder

salt to taste

To start you want to season your mushrooms with the garlic powder, mustard powder, pepper, onion powder, cayenne and salt.

Heat some olive oil in a large saucepan to medium-high and sauté the mushrooms for around 8 minutes or until almost all the liquid evaporates and the mushrooms are nice and soft.

Let the mushrooms cool for around 10 minutes and then place them in a baking dish greased lightly with olive oil. We used a round one around 9.5 inches in diameter.

Top them with around half the shredded cheese.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl whisk the 10 eggs until completely smooth. Then add the cream and whisk again until fully combined.

Pour the egg and cream mixture over the mushrooms and cheese and then top with the remaining half of the shredded cheese.

Place in an oven preheated to 385 and bake for 30-35 minutes until set.

Remove and let sit for 10 minutes before serving in wedges. It is nice topped with some fresh thyme.

There are any number of variations you can do such as adding spinach, chives, onions, etc. If you are not vegetarian you could add pieces of cooked ham or bacon.

It goes very nicely with a spinach salad, white wine and a baguette.


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