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New Green Left eco-socialist initiative launched in Canada

Screenshot from launch video

A new and avowedly eco-socialist movement has been launched in Canada's Green Party that says that the "ecological crisis is grounded in the inherent contradictions and irrationality of unfettered neo-liberal corporate capitalism; the solutions lie in eco-socialist alternatives which can reverse the current destructive trajectory and deliver a just and green prosperity."

Called Green Left Canada the initiative flows out of the Green Party leadership campaign of leftist Dimitri Lascaris and has the support of other prominent activists like David Heap, Wendy Goldsmith and Karen Brill.

According to their website the initiative seeks to:

...empower political and social voices and organizations to develop economic, political and social systems that support the livelihoods of all people, particularly equity-seeking groups, while respecting the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity and protecting the ecological diversity of our planet.
Green Left Canada invites all groups and individuals, regardless of affiliation, who share this vision and our core values, to discuss specific policies, promote them within existing structures (parties, labour organizations, student federations, other associations), lobby and pressure politicians to adopt our framework for change, and facilitate mutual support and organization at the local, regional and national levels

Their "Basis of Unity" page stakes out refreshingly overtly left positions on issues like Ecological Justice, Democracy and Economic Justice, International Cooperation and Justice and other issues.

Eco-socialists recognize the connections and intersections among militarism, imperialism, and capitalism: the predatory political, security, military and economic interests of national and international elites. We therefore work towards an international order based on cooperation, self-determination, equality, justice and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, in support of the needs and rights of peoples, particularly oppressed peoples, everywhere.

You can follow them on Twitter at: Green Left Canada (@GreenLeftCanada) / Twitter

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