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Omsk: A fragment of the memorial complex “Fighters who fell for Soviet power" 1971

Photo of part of a memorial complex in Omsk, USSR to those who gave their lives in the revolutionary civil war that led to consolidation of Soviet power and the final full triumph of the Bolshevik Revolution against foreign intervention and internal reaction.

Omsk, situated in western Siberia, actually played a major role in the civil war. Soviet power was established in the city in December, 1917 but in June 1918 it was captured by the counter-revolutionary White Guards and became the capital of the Kolchak anti-Bolshevik “government.” It was liberated by the Red Army in November 1919.

From 1919 to 1922 the Siberian Revolutionary Committee had its headquarters in Omsk. This committee helped to oversee and lead the victory of Red forces in the far east and the eventual defeat of all reactionary forces there.

(With information from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia 1979)



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