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One of Africa’s Largest Peasant Organizations Condemns Israel’s Genocide in Palestine

Image via MVIWATA

By Global News Service

Mtandao wa Vikundi vya Wakulima Tanzania (Network of Farmers Groups in Tanzania), commonly known as MVIWATA, one of the largest peasant organizations in the African continent, has just issued a statement in solidarity with Palestine.

“We join others not only to show solidarity with [Palestine’s] UAWC (Union of Agricultural Work Committees) but with all Palestinians at this most difficult moment they go through, as the whole entire world witness[es] and remain[s] silent including nations and international bodies with trust and responsibilities to protect humanity,” reads the statement. “We condemn and denounce the genocide and war crimes that are done by the Israeli regime in… Palestine.”

MVIWATA represents more than 300,000 members of the Tanzanian peasantry. Fifteen hundred delegates from the organization gathered in Njombe, Tanzania from December 12-15 for their Annual General Meeting.

“We are all so… frustrated with the suffering of the innocent civilians; the old, the sick, the children and women who are indiscriminately killed in the name of conducting… vengeance,” writes the MVIWATA.

“We are even further frustrated with the prevailing hypocrisy of highest order; on one side military assistance to the killing machinery of the Israeli regime, notably [from] the United States of America, while on the other side shutting down of all humanitarian aid to this typically evil and man-made action and crime.”



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