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Our "strength is the strength of justice, progress and history" - Amílcar Cabral

Comrades Amílcar Cabral & Fidel Castro

"Our hearts are also with our brothers in Cuba, who have shown that even when surrounded by the sea, a people is capable of taking up arms and successfully defending its fundamental interests and of deciding its own destiny...

We are with the refugees, the martyred refugees of Palestine, who have been tricked and driven from their own homeland by the manoeuvres of imperialism. We are on the side of the Palestinian refugees and we support wholeheartedly all that the sons of Palestine are doing to liberate their country, and we fully support the Arab and African countries in general in helping the Palestinian people to recover their dignity, their independence and their right to live...

...our forces become stronger each day. And why? Because our strength is the strength of justice, progress and history; and justice, progress and history belong to the people. Because our fundamental strength is the strength of the people. It is our peoples who support our organisations, it is our peoples who are making sacrifices every day to supply all the needs of our struggle. It is our peoples who guarantee the future and the certainty of our victory." - Amílcar Cabral, 1965



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