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People's rock art at Len Ford Park in Etobicoke

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

A very moving and powerful display of people's art is happening along the main path of this magical waterfront park.

All photography by Michael Laxer

We looked at Len Ford Park in south Etobicoke before on The Left Chapter during our waterfront parks series.

Len Ford Park is a magical spot, little known around the city, that is framed by two rocky beaches with an almost "lost tropical island" feel to them. At Len Ford's western most edge is a point that juts out into the lake offering spectacular views and that can be traversed by a dirt path. The park is located just a few minutes walk south from Lake Shore Blvd. at the foot of Long Branch Ave. and is on the 501 Queen streetcar line.

The park is worth a visit anytime, but right now a very moving and powerful display of people's art is happening there along its main path.

Members of the community have painted messages and graphics of all different kinds on dozens of rocks.

There are Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Rights pieces, little bits of feel good or folk wisdom, Blue Jays logos, nature and animal scenes and many other assorted gems.

And there are also wonderful tributes and heartbreaking memorials.

This outpouring of creativity and humanity is enchanting.



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