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Recipes for Young Adults w. Southern Stroganoff, Lasagna, Corned Beef Hash & more

Vintage Cookbook TBT

Cookbook: Recipes for Young Adults Metric Edition, 1988 Printing

Publication Details: Multiple editions from multiple publishers, this one from the Manitoba Sugar Co.

This Canadian cookbook was meant for students of high school home economics style classes. There were editions of it published for decades and printed by various sugar companies in different Canadian provinces.

It aimed to give an overview of cooking techniques, how to use various ingredients, tips for storage, setting the table, etc.

It also had dozens of recipes of all different types most of which are fairly basic and meant to help young people start cooking on their own.

Many of these are solid versions of classics like lasagna, Quiche Lorraine, white bread, cream of celery soup, bread pudding etc. The Queen Elizabeth Cake (why it is called this is not explained) seems interesting.

But then there are some rather dated and often outlandish ones. The macaroni mold "Ring of Plenty" is a hoot as are the dubious "Southern Stroganoff" and "Creamed Meat". The cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped "Frank Quails" are likely tasty though definitely not healthy. Meanwhile the baked "Canned Corned Beef Hash" seems indescribably awful.

Certainly an interesting window into times and tastes.



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