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Red Forces Win at the Battle of Volochayevka, February 12, 1922

Art and Memorial Photos, USSR 1972

Part of a Battle of Volochayevka Diorama

On February 12, 1922 the Red fighters of the People's Revolutionary Army won the Battle of Volochayevka against the counter-revolutionary White armies in the Russian Far East near the present day city of Khabarovsk.

This victory paved the way for the eventual final triumph of the revolution in the Far East though fighting would drag on until October. Most of the battle was centred around attacks by Red forces that sought to drive the Whites out of their entrenched defences on Ju-Quran hill.

In appalling conditions of Siberian winter temperatures of around -30 Celsius, the revolutionary forces took the hill after three days with heavy losses on both sides. The next day they liberated the town of Khabarovsk from the retreating counter-revolutionaries.

During the Soviet era a monument was erected on the hill in honour of this victory. On the 50th anniversary of the battle in 1972 this postcard folder of images and art related to the victory was released. We have translated all the descriptions of the cards from Russian.

Panorama of the Battle by Artists A. A. Gorpenko and S. D. Agapov (3 parts)

General view of the Ju-Quran hill

Monument-Museum on Ju-Quran Hill

Memorial Gathering at the Top of the Hill, 1972

Burial Monument

Monument to the Heroes of the Civil War

Monument to a Partisan Warrior


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