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Scandinavian Cooking w. Swedish Meatballs, Danish Fondue, Norwegian Steak & more

Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Scandinavian Cooking, recipes by Gunnevi Bonekamp

Publication Details: 'Round the World Books, 1978

Part of a series of cookbooks, 1978's Scandinavian Cooking is an excellent and comprehensive guide to the cuisines of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark at the time.

While it has some outdated food photography and recipes that call (as so many did in the 70s) for the use of margarine (never use margarine, always substitute butter) it also has terrific recipes using very diverse ingredients and of all different types from seafood (of course) to meat, pastries, vegetable dishes, soups, etc.

Needless to say there is a Swedish meatball recipe, but there are also many dishes that you likely would not expect. I have included one for Norwegian Steak and Onions that is very, very easy and also very, very good. We have made it numerous times.

The cookbook has an entire advertising section in the middle that has full page pitches for Finnish cheese, airlines, dishware, Carlsberg and a variety of other products. They are quite campy and I have included one.

Also "Denmark is a paradise for the lean and streamlined Danish hog" is one of my favourite cookbook lines ever.

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