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Solidarity with Cuba: WG of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties

The Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties (IMCWP) met virtually on November 5 & 6 releasing statements regarding their upcoming meetings, the 104th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and in solidarity with Cuba.

The IMCWP was started by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in 1998 and was an annual conference of Communist parties until the pandemic began.

The working group decided to postpone the in-person 22nd meeting until at least spring 2022 depending on the pandemic. In the meantime "taking into account the need to strengthen the exchange of experience, the discussion, and the joint activity of Communist and Workers’ Parties, it decided to hold an extraordinary teleconference of the IMCWP on 10–11–12 December 2021, under the theme: The international economic, political, and military developments. The experience from the struggle of the Communist and Workers' Parties and the peoples. Solidarity with Cuba, the Palestinian people, and all the peoples struggling against sanctions, machinations, and imperialist aggression."

Meeting on the eve of the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution they wrote of that historic event:

The Soviet Union – the first workers’, socialist state in the world – managed in a historically short time to achieve unprecedented gains, gave impetus to the development of the international communist and workers’ movement, had a decisive contribution to the defeat of fascism, and with other socialist countries, became a guarantor of peace, and contributed to the achievements won by workers in capitalist countries and to the successes of the national-liberation movements, and the collapse of colonialism.
Taking into account analyzes already carried out by various parties, we bear the responsibility to research and draw the right conclusions about the causes and mistakes that led to the dissolution of the USSR, as well as the task to oppose the falsification of history and anti-communist lies.
The counter-revolutionary changes that took place at the end of the 20th century do not negate the historical importance of the October Revolution and the contribution of the USSR. Socialism is the answer to the suffering of capitalist exploitation and imperialist barbarity; it is a requirement for today and tomorrow.

They also released a statement in solidarity with Cuba and against imperialist provocations and counter-revolutionary actions. They noted that:

Despite the grave consequences of years of imperialist blockade, the revolution has enabled the young generations of Cubans to fully enjoy the right to education, health, science, culture, art and sports, and live a dignified and honorable life in all its dimensions. Thousands of Cubans, acting under the guidance of internationalism, rushing to the aid of the poor and trying to heal the sick, have become the pride of humanity.

They go on to state:

As Communist and Workers’ Parties that form the Working Group of the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties (IMCWP), we demand an immediate end to the US blockade against Cuba and express our internationalist solidarity with the CP of Cuba and the Cuban people.
We declare that we are against any kind of intervention, coup and sabotage attempts, or “soft coup” against Cuba. All those pursuing these goals should know that sooner or later they will fail. The Cuban people will never surrender, they will never allow the Revolution and the Socialist Republic they created with their sweat and blood to fall to the hands of reactionaries. Communists and friends of Cuba from all over the world will stand by the honorable people of this island.
In this connection we call on all Communist and Workers’ Parties to to take up the call of the Communist Party of Cuba for solidarity actions on the 12-15 of November.

Full Cuba solidarity statement:



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