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Spain, Ireland and Norway formally recognize the State of Palestine

Updated: May 29

Despite furious opposition from the government of Israel, the governments of Spain, Ireland and Norway have all formally, officially recognized the State of Palestine today (May 28).

In a statement on X, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said:

Today, the Government of Spain formally approves the official recognition of Palestine as a State.
With this decision, Spain joins the more than 140 countries that already recognize the Palestinian State.
This is a historic decision that has a single goal: to contribute to achieving peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
The recognition of the State of Palestine is not only a matter of historical justice with the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people: it is also an urgent need. It is the only way towards the only possible solution to achieve a future of peace: that of a Palestinian State that coexists alongside the State of Israel in peace and security.
The decision is based on the respect for international law and the defense of a rules-based international order.
We act in accordance to what is expected of a great country such as Spain.

In a statement released by the Irish government via the Department of the Taoiseach it said:

At a meeting of government today (May 28th) Ireland formally recognised the State of Palestine.
The Government recognises Palestine as a sovereign and independent state and agreed to establish full diplomatic relations between Dublin and Ramallah.
An Ambassador of Ireland to the State of Palestine will be appointed along with a full Embassy of Ireland in Ramallah.

Taoiseach Simon Harris noted “We had wanted to recognise Palestine at the end of a peace process however we have made this move alongside Spain and Norway to keep the miracle of peace alive. I again call on Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel to listen to the world and stop the humanitarian catastrophe we are seeing in Gaza.”

Meanwhile Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Espen Barth Eide announced, "For over 30 years, Norway has been one of the strongest advocates of a Palestinian state. Norway’s recognition of Palestine as a state today represents a milestone in Norwegian-Palestinian relations"

This comes as Israel continues to attack Rafah killing hundreds -- including in a horrific bombing of a tent city for displaced Gazans -- despite an order by the International Court of Justice for the offensive to be immediately halted.



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