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The Revolution in Moscow, 1917

Storming of the Kremlin in 1917, painting K. Yuon

From the USSR in 1957 -- 40 years after the world changing events of 1917 -- some photos and art about the intense street fighting in Moscow that led to the triumph of the Great October Socialist Revolution there as well. It took until November 15 (new calendar) for the revolutionaries to secure the city.


MOSCOW ROSE SOON AFTER PETROGRAD. At a time when the capital was already completely in the hands of the Soviets, furious battles continued to rage in Moscow for another few days. With the help of Red Guard units from outlying industrial districts -- Shuya, Tver and Kovrov -- and units of Petrograd Red Guards and sailors sent by order of Lenin, the workers of Moscow finally broke the resistance of the counter-revolution. At 9 p.m. on November 2 (November 15), the Military Revolutionary Committee of Moscow issued an order, which stated:

"The revolutionary troops have won. The military cadets and Whileguards are surrendering.... All the power is in the hands of the Military Revolutionary Committee. The workers and soldiers of Moscow won the power in Moscow at a high price."

After the Revolution had triumphed in Petrograd and Moscow, it spread quickly throughout the whole the huge country. As Lenin put it, it was a "triumphal advance of Soviet power."

Moscow tramway workers took up arms for the Revolution during the fighting

No joy for the military Cadets in the Kremlin. The medieval loopholes will not save them from the people

The aftermath of the street fighting at Nikitskiye Vorota, Moscow

Forward, to storm the old world!

Storming of the Kremlin in 1917, painting Konstantin Yuon

Yuon was the director of the Soviet Research Institute of the Academy of Arts (1948–1950) and the First Secretary of the Union of Soviet Artists (1956–1958). He won a Stalin Prize (1943), received the Order of Lenin and other orders and medals. He died in Moscow on April 11, 1958.


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