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"Together for Cuba" rally draws hundreds in Lisbon

Photos via the PCP and Radio Havana Cuba

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) organized a cultural event and rally in Lisbon at the HQ of leftist newspaper Voz del Operario (Workers’ Voice) that drew hundreds in support of Cuba on Saturday, July 15. The crowd was so large that some had to watch on screens in another room. Attended by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and the leader of the PCP Paulo Raimundo under the slogan "Together for Cuba", it showed solidarity with the socialist country against the illegal and criminal US blockade as well as against a recent reactionary resolution passed by the European parliament.

Former PCP leader Jerónimo de Sousa, present leader Paulo Raimundo and Miguel Díaz-Canel at the rally

Raimundo emphasized that while the PCP wanted to express its full solidarity with Cuba this was little compared to the incredible solidarity that Cuba has shown towards the rest of the world. He pointed to the example of the Cuban medical brigades noting that at the beginning of the Covid pandemic "when Italy was at the peak of the epidemic and when no one else came forward, it was from Havana that there was a plane with doctors, with nurses, with auxiliary personnel to help in that tragedy that was the epidemic all over the world and in particular in Italy."

Díaz-Canel spoke showing his gratitude for this expression of solidarity from those at this meeting "between friends, between people whose ideal is a better world that is possible".

Miguel Díaz-Canel speaks at the event.

He extended "An embrace to all those who are here in this room, expressing their support to the Cuban Revolution, to the Cuban people, to those who are in other rooms watching this event on the screen and also to those who could not make it".


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