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UC Santa Cruz workers strike in protest of attacks on Palestinian solidarity demonstrations

Image via UAW 4811 on X

After a vote by United Auto Workers Local 4811 members last week overwhelmingly supported going on strike, local members at the University of California, Santa Cruz were the first to walk off their jobs Monday, May 20. This is part of a planned series of strikes to be held across the 10-campus UC system in protest against what they call an unfair labor practice by UC administrations in the violent crackdown on Palestinian solidarity encampments and free speech rights.

"When faced with Palestine Solidarity encampments and other nonviolent protests by Academic Workers, students, and community members, UC has mishandled and escalated the situation by taking unlawful actions that cut to the heart of our collective bargaining agreements. Our union has filed unfair labor practice charges in response. These escalatory and unlawful actions include:

  • Actively risking the health and safety of UAW 4811 members and members of the university community by allowing violent attacks on peaceful pro-Palestine protesters, both by violent anti-Palestine agitators and by police.

  • Making unilateral changes to working conditions that have impacted our teaching, our work obligations, our safety and our academic freedom

  • Summoning the police to forcibly eject and arrest UAW Local 4811 members in retaliation for those employees engaging in peaceful protest activity demanding work-place related changes.

  • Disciplining employees for engaging in peaceful protest activity demanding work-place related changes."

UAW Local 4811 represents 48,000 graduate students working as teaching assistants, tutors, researchers, and other academic workers.



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