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V. I. Lenin, A. Goncharov, 1969

Images of Lenin #62

V. I. Lenin, A. Goncharov, USSR 1969 -- Images of Lenin #62

From the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 1979:

Andrei Aleksandrovich Goncharov:

Born Jan. 2, 1918, in the village of Sinitsy, Moscow Oblast. Soviet stage director. People’s Artist of the USSR (1977). Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Goncharov graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1941. He worked at the First Front Theater of the All-Union Theatrical Organization, the Moscow Theater of Satire (1944–51), and the Moscow Ermolova Theater (1951–56). From 1958 to 1967 he was principal stage director at the Moscow Drama Theater, and since 1967 he has been principal stage director of the Moscow Mayakovsky Theater.

Goncharov’s productions have included Ostrovskii and Solov’ev’s Belugin’s Marriage (1945), Arbuzov’s European Chronicle (1953), Bulgakov’s Flight (1966 and 1978), Naidenov’s Vaniushin’s Children (1969), Salynskii’s Mariia (1970), Wasser-man and Darion’s Man of La Mancha (1972), Ostrovskii’s The Bankrupt, or It’s a Family Affair, We’ll Settle It Among Ourselves (1974), and Bolt’s Vivat! Vivat! Regina! (1977).

Goncharov began teaching at the State Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1962, becoming a professor there in 1966. He has received the State Prize of the USSR (1977) and the Stanislavsky State Prize of the RSFSR (1972).


Goncharov died in 2001.

This is the sixty-second in our daily feature that will be looking at over 75 international Lenin photographs, sketches, sculptures, artworks and photographs from a Soviet archive of the early 1970s. Many of these are quite scarce and uncommon now and many are truly amazing works and pieces.

These are divided into art, Lenin centennial posters from 1970 and Lenin photographs.

We will share them with history and quotes where appropriate.

They will eventually all also be shared in three posts related to the major themes.


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