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‘When Does It Stop?’: Red Daily Newswire June 16

With news from the Black Lives Matter movement, Australia, Canada and elsewhere.

International left news from June 15.

Black Lives Matter:

Rayshard Brooks family call for murder charges after police killing

‘When Does It Stop?’ Family of Atlanta Police Killing Victim Rayshard Brooks Makes Tearful Plea for Justice

‘It’s time to fight back’: Rayshard Brooks’ death prompts calls for overhaul of Atlanta’s police department

Angela Davis: ‘We knew that the role of the police was to protect white supremacy’

UN to Hold Hearing Over 'Systemic' US Racism, Police Brutality

Albuquerque will use social workers to respond to certain 911 calls instead of police

Protester In Albuquerque Wounded During Shooting At Rally Over Removal Of Statue

California City Residents Demand Answers After Black Man Found Hanging From Tree

NYPD to disband plainclothes anti-crime units

“He Wanted to Hurt Me”: New York Protester Hospitalized After NY Officer Shoved Her to the Ground

‘You Can Call Me a Snitch’: Worried 911 Dispatcher Called Supervisor During George Floyd’s Arrest

Montreal has turned 'blind eye' to systemic racism: OCPM report

Taking down statue of James McGill is only one step in fighting systemic racism, students say


Tony Abbott incorrectly claims 'no evidence' Indigenous Australians face justice system discrimination


Brazil faces the coronavirus disaster almost everyone saw coming


Witness video captures violent takedown of elderly Black couple at GTA hospital

Alberta purges judicial vetting committee for former Tory cabinet ministers, political supporters

Transit Police officer still employed 9 years after brutal beating caught on camera


North Korea blows up joint liaison office with South in Kaesong


Under police pressure, France backs off ban on chokeholds


Communist Party of India wants BMC to take over Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia and turn it into coronavirus treatment facility


Ireland: 3 Parties Will Rule, Left-Wing Sinn Fein Pushed Aside

United Kingdom:

UK billionaires see personal wealth grow by £25bn during pandemic lockdown

United States:

Pence Misleadingly Blames Coronavirus Spikes on Rise in Testing

Trump dismisses uptick in US coronavirus cases and suggests a 'stop' to testing

Coronavirus recommendations ignored as case numbers rise


Bank of England Infringes Human Rights: Venezuelan Central Bank

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