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Activists Protest NATO Summit in Washington

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By Global News Service

Hundreds of demonstrators representing a diverse coalition of anti-imperialist and anti-war organizations staged a mobilization ahead of the NATO summit, held in Washington, DC from July 9 to 11. This protest was organized by the Resist NATO coalition, which includes organizations such as the International League of Peoples’ Struggles, the Resist U.S.-Led War Movement, and BAYAN-USA, which engages diaspora Filipinos in the struggle against imperialism.

“NATO’s 75th summit is occurring during Russia’s counter-aggression strategy against U.S.-NATO military escalation and NATO territorial expansion, which has enabled NATO to call on its members to provide billions in weapons and military aid. The summit is also occurring when NATO is building military partnerships with Indo-Pacific countries to counter the influence of China,” said organizers from the Resist NATO coalition.

“The United States should not expect it will be able to assemble its NATO junior partners in Washington without resistance from the people,” Ben Zinevich, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, which also participated in the mobilization on Sunday, told Peoples Dispatch “Not when U.S. weaponry is flooding Ukraine and prolonging a war that could have been avoided with Russia. Not when Washington and NATO partners continue to supply the means for the state of Israel to conduct its genocidal war on Palestine.”

The protest took place after multiple actions in San Diego and Hawai’i protesting the biennial Rim of the Pacific war games, including a mobilization of hundreds in San Diego last Sunday.



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