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"African must rise. Imperialism must fall."

Soly Mapaila, the SACP General Secretary, on the "Second Phase of the African Revolution" and "International Solidarity".

On August 6 the South African Communist Party (SACP) celebrated its 102nd anniversary. At the ceremony Soly Mapaila, the SACP General Secretary, delivered the party's anniversary statement Electricity, Land, Food and Work: Forward to a Powerful Socialist Movement.

The statement dealt with a number of domestic issues of great importance and then moved on to international issues talking about the "Second Phase of the African Revolution" and "International Solidarity".

We republish those here in full.

Second Phase of the African Revolution

To all Africans, let us unite! This is our call on this occasion of the 102nd anniversary of our Party, the SACP.

Steps such as establishing the African Union were important, but alone they are far from enough. We need to rebuild and strengthen Africa’s continental liberation movement.

Let us unite politically and organisationally to advance and deepen the emancipatory anti-colonial and anti-imperialist Second Phase of the African Revolution. Let us exercise our democratic rights and liberate Africa from domination and exploitation by former colonial metropoles and active imperialist forces.

In the last century, our liberation movements fought for national independence and self-determination.

But beware!

Africa, still systematically underdeveloped, continues to suffer plunder and extractive exploitation at the hands of the imperialist forces. Africans only receive a pittance, while the imperialist forces amass wealth from Africa’s natural resources and agricultural produce, such as, but not limited to, coffee.

Imperialist forces still dominate Africa, this time around through a multiplicity of old and new policy instruments, including monopoly of high value production processes and services. Their transnational corporations drain surplus value, expatriating profits from Africa.

Using unequal power relations, military might, weaponised unilateral sanctions and other machinations of subversion and regime change, the imperialist forces intransigently curtail African countries’ independence and national self-determination.

France sees Africa’s uranium and other strategic minerals as French interests, for instance. Its government, under one Emmanuel Macron, has threatened to intervene in Africa through military aggression. The imperialist war allies organised into NATO, such as France and the United States, have active military bases in Africa. These imperialist military bases in Africa must shut down.

Let us recall. In 2011, together with its United States-dominated NATO allies, France bombarded Libya from its airspace, ironically declared a no-fly zone. With air-launched explosives, NATO caused massive destruction and loss of life, in pursuit of regime change and control over Libya’s oil, other natural resources and government. The consequences included Africans being turned into slaves. Too many people drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, trying to flee the deadly attacks and the anarchy and multiple crises that followed.

African must rise. Imperialism must fall.

International solidarity

The South African Communist Party takes this moment to reassert its unwavering solidarity with the people of Swaziland, who courageously struggle for a democratic breakthrough against the autocratic rule of absolute monarch Mzwati.

We call for an immediate end to acts of violence in the Zimbabwean elections. The elections must be conducted freely, fairly, and credibly, ensuring the people’s voices are heard and respected.

The SACP stands firmly in solidarity with the people of South Cameroon, facing a genocidal campaign by the French-backed government. We condemn such atrocities and demand justice for the victims.

Our support for the people of Western Sahara remains steadfast in their fight against occupation by Morocco. We call for the end of this occupation and the realisation of the people’s right to self-determination.

In Sudan, the SACP calls for an end to the war and supports a democratic transition, peace, and inclusive development for the nation. The Sudanese people deserve a peaceful future free from conflict.

We reaffirm our unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine against occupation, land expropriation, and other human rights violations and atrocities perpetrated by the apartheid Israeli regime. We demand justice and respect for the rights of the Palestinian people and reiterate our support for a two-state solution based on the pre-1967 borders with a viable Palestinian state.

In Syria, we stand with the people against foreign occupation and military aggression by the United Stated and Israel. The people deserve democratic sovereignty and freedom from external interference.

The SACP wholeheartedly supports the people of Cuba against the economic, financial and wider criminal blockade imposed by the imperialist United States regime. We call on the United States to end this inhumane and illegal blockade and to withdraw unconditionally and immediately from Guantanamo Bay.

We express our solidarity with the people of Venezuela and others around the world facing United States-led imperialist aggression. The principles of self-determination and democratic sovereignty must be upheld for all nations.

In Ukraine, we advocate for a peaceful diplomatic resolution and dialogue to end the war, which was instigated and is armed, technically capacitated and bankrolled by NATO in its eastward expansion aimed at Russia, which responded with what it called a Special Military Operation.

The SACP remains committed to standing in militant solidarity with oppressed peoples worldwide. Together, we will continue our struggle against imperialism, oppression, and injustice, and work towards a just and peaceful world for all.



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