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Artistic views of the October Revolution

The Revolution Has Been Carried Out by Boris Ioganson

"Boris loganson in his The Revolution Has Been Carried Out painted Lenin announcing to the Second Congress of Soviets that the workers had won power."

A look at art about the Great October Socialist Revolution by Soviet artists from the Soviet press in 1960 with descriptions. The overview features a look at several pieces.

The Winter Palace Taken by Vladimir Serov

"The well-known painter Vladimir Serov has pictured the Revolution in a large number of his canvases. The Winter Palace Taken shows the grand staircase with traces of the battle that has just been fought to dislodge the Provisional Government. In the foreground are a worker Red Guardsman and a peasant soldier of the Revolution. The two who represent, as it were, the two great allied forces of the Revolution, are shown calmly lighting cigarettes."

Peace Decree by Vladimir Serov

"Peace Decree shows Russian soldiers in the trenches, worn out by three years of bloody fighting in World War I, as they receive the news that the Revolution is victorious and that the new Soviet government has just proposed peace to all the belligerent countries"

Raising the Banner by Geli Korzhev

Part of a series Raising the Banner, conveys the fury of the revolutionary struggle. A red banner glows on the cobblestone street. One revolutionist has fallen and another indomitable fighter picks up the banner.

The International by Geli Korzhev

The International, the second canvas, shows Red Army men during the Civil War surrounded by the enemy. There is no escape from death but the standard -bearer raises his flag higher and the revolutionary anthem rings louder.

[Korzhev, who lived until 2012, remained a committed Communist until his death. Refusing an award from the government of Russia during the 1990s he said "I was born in the Soviet Union and sincerely believed in the ideas and ideals of the time. Today, they are considered a historical mistake. Now Russia has a social system directly opposite to the one under which I, as an artist, was brought up. The acceptance of a state award would be equal to a confession of my hypocrisy throughout my artistic career. I request that you consider my refusal with due understanding."]

Defense of Petrograd by Alexander Deineka

Alexander Deineka's Defense of Petrograd shows ranks of workers - men and women with rifles, ready to crush the enemy - marching to defend Petrograd against attacking White Guard troops under General Yudenich. On a bridge above their heads a group of wounded soldiers arc moving to the rear. The two groups make for a striking contrast and a most stirring painting.



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