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BC NDP greenlights tenant evictions during economic crisis and pandemic

Social democratic government allows some evictions of residential tenants even before Doug Ford's Ontario.

In one of those moves that reminds social democrats are desperate to be good little managers of the bourgeois state, presumably with a smiley face and the best of intentions, the BC NDP government has decided to allow many types of evictions of tenants again in one of the most expensive housing markets in the world.

As reported on several news sites including CTV:

On Wednesday, the province's Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing said landlords can once again issue a Notice to End Tenancy for reasons other than late or missed rent payments, effective immediately.
Landlords are also once again allowed to enter a rental suite without the tenant's consent, including for maintenance and showings, provided they give 24 hours' notice.

Note that they are doing this ahead of provinces like Ontario with its hard right, pro-business, austerity Ford government.

While, for now, you allegedly cannot be evicted for late rent, we all know the reality of evictions are much more complicated than that.

Landlords have far greater social power than tenants and frequently find ways to manipulate eviction laws to rid themselves of tenants for whatever reason under false pretenses. The fact that the BC NDP continues with and has re-allowed, even during an economic crisis and pandemic, the 24 hours notice rule that is designed for harassment shows which side they are ultimately on.



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