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Buen Vivir as a Pathway to Health for All

Organizers and activists at a launch event for the 5th People's Health Assembly. Photo: PHM Julio Monsalvo region

By Global News Service

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) Julio Monsalvo region, encompassing Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay, on November 11, welcomed general medicine practitioners and other activists for a launch event ahead of the Fifth People’s Health Assembly (PHA). The Assembly, scheduled to take place in Mar de Plata, Argentina from April 7 to 11, 2024 will be rooted in the understanding of the concept of buen vivir (good living) and the importance this concept holds for the global building of health for all.

The launch was attended by the PHA 5 co-conveners, Carmen Baez and Hani Serag, as well as members of the local organizing committee and PHM Global Coordinator, Roman Vega.

In addition to looking forward to the next assembly, participants also reflected on past global meetings to find inspiration. From the first assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh, held in 2000, PHM activists have used the meetings as opportunities to strategize: from the impact of economic crises on health systems to the growing influence of commercial determinants of health.

One point that came up during previous assemblies on multiple occasions, unsurprisingly, was the interconnectedness between the Palestinian struggle for liberation and the right to health, both globally and locally. The health crisis currently witnessed in Palestine, as Israeli attacks on hospitals and health centers in Gaza intensify, once again emphasizes the importance of health movements standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine, an imperative that will certainly be responded to in the lead-up to and during the Fifth People’s Health Assembly.



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