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Communists win most votes in Greek national student elections for third straight year

KNE victory rally -- image via video screenshot

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) reports that on 22 May, 2024, student elections were held in universities around Greece. Based on the aggregated results with 95% of the votes counted, “Panspoudastiki KS”, the list supported by Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) in the universities, received 16,900 votes and 34.19%. DAP-NDFK, the list of the New Democracy government, received 12,122 votes and 24.52% and PASP, the list of the social democratic PASOK, received 5,069 votes corresponding to 10.25%. In other, minor results opportunist groups EAAK received 3,778 votes and 7.64%, Attack 2,290 votes and 4.63%, and Diktyo 507 votes and 1.03%.

According to the KKE:

The victory of “Panspoudastiki KS” expresses the nationwide coordinated struggle of all students who demand an improved, contemporary, exclusively public and truly free university. It expresses thousands of students who demand that the crime in Tempe not be covered up, who raise their voices against the genocide of the Palestinian people.
The success of “Panspoudastiki KS”, in 2022 and 2023, with the fall of the DAP-NDFK from first place, gave new life to the student movement, was reflected in important achievements for students and their needs, in the revitalization of the collective functioning of many Student Unions.
In a statement on the results of the student elections, the Secretary of the CC of KNE, Thodoris Kotsandis, said the following:
“The student elections, with the third consecutive victory of Panspoudastiki, send a message of optimism and questioning of the dominant policy, which leaves its anti-popular and reactionary imprint in universities and students’ lives as a whole.
Despite all the organized efforts of the government and the DAP-NDFK to undermine the participation in and distort the result of the student elections, the students turned their backs on them and condemned the government’s policy.
Following the mass student mobilizations, the results of the student elections now show that thousands of young people rejected the law on private universities and demanded a contemporary, exclusively public and free university, degrees that matter and work with rights.
The attack on students’ rights will be met by an even more militant student movement that is based on contemporary needs and the struggle for radical changes.
In the student elections, in addition to the government party, the lists of those parties that have their own responsibilities for promoting the policies of the European Union and capital inside and outside the universities were also defeated. The list of SYRIZA, which did not manage to have a single candidate in the whole country, literally disappeared while at the same time the students turned their backs on the lists of the parties - crutches for the government and EU policy, such as the lists of PASOK and the New Left.
On 9 June, in the European elections, the new generation can make a difference again!
The students’ struggles, the effort for the militant regroupment of the student movement, with the first place of Panspoudastiki, can continue with the decisive support of the KKE in the European elections. To deliver a heavy blow to the government, the EU policy and the other parties that support it. To strengthen the militant, popular opposition both at the place where anti-popular decisions are taken, i.e. in the European Parliament, and at the place where they are overturned, i.e. in the streets of struggle.
On 9 June we vote for the KKE so that the voice of the youth can be heard more loudly!”



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