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Cuba and China launch new headquarters of an ophthalmological hospital in Hefei

Image via Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In another example of Cuban and Chinese internationalist medical solidarity in action, Granma and the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that on December 27 representatives of Cuba and the People's Republic China inaugurated the new headquarters of an ophthalmological hospital with specialists from both countries in Hefei, the capital and largest city of Anhui Province. This is part of a collaboration of more than ten years.

According to the island's consul general in Shanghai, Mileidy Aguirre, the medical exchange in this specialty between the Caribbean nation and the province of Anhui has its origin in the long-term vision of leaders Fidel Castro and Hu Jintao.

The diplomat said that the cooperation between the two parties benefited more than 400,000 patients over the ten years, a cooperation great appreciated by the local population.

"The new headquarters of the Cuba-China Friendship Ophthalmological Hospital is another milestone in collaboration in the field of health," Aguirre said.

The consul reiterated her gratitude to the Chinese government, companies and especially to the Second People's Hospital of Anhui Province, "for the shipment of tons of medical supplies, essential to break the siege of the United States blockade in the context of the fight against the pandemic" in the Caribbean nation.

Aguirre also highlighted the excellent state of relations between Cuba and China, and in particular underlined the consensus reached between Presidents Miguel Díaz-Canel and Xi Jinping.

In Anhui, Cuban doctors have received numerous awards for their services.

During an official visit to China last month, Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero talked via videoconference with specialists who provide their services in four provinces of the People's Republic.

Marrero reiterated the pride that it represents for the people of Cuba to have them and hundreds of other Cubans in the different medical missions around the world, an idea of the historic leader Fidel Castro to bring health to more people globally.

Cuba has a long history of providing medical services to other countries. According to the United Nations, there are around 30,000 Cuban doctors currently active in 67 countries.


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