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Daily LIFT #1033

Workers of the World Unite! - wood engraving, Rockwell Kent, USA 1937 -- Daily LIFT #1033

This powerful engraving was done for the cover of the New Masses magazine in June, 1937.

"This work by Rockwell Kent is permeated with strong anti-war sentiments. Winner of the International Lenin Prize for the Promotion of Peace Among Nations (1967) and a true humanist, he upheld the ideas of peace and friendship among nations, in particular, friendship between the Soviet and-American people. He was persecuted but not intimidated by being charged with "communist propaganda", lack of patriotism and un-American activity. Painted half a century ago this picture is still up to date. Only the will and courage of millions throughout the world and their united action will decide the outcome of the struggle between the forces of war and peace and save humanity from the horrors of a thermonuclear holocaust." - Socialism: Theory and Practice magazine 1988

Kent died in 1971 at age 88.


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