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Daily LIFT #1141

Angela Davis and Gus Hall, CPUSA presidential ticket, 1980 -- Daily LIFT #1141

"In 1980 Gus Hall and Angela Davis ran for President and Vice President of the U.S. on the Communist Party ticket. As candidates for the highest offices of the U.S. they spoke to millions of voters about the crisis in the U.S. and how to fightback. During the election the two leaders predicted that a Reagan administration would bite deeply into the living standards of the people.

Now that the elections are over, Gus Hall and Angela Davis are continuing their campaign to block the attack on working people's conditions. As part of this drive they are speaking across the U.S. urging those who supported them, and even those who voted for their opponents, to join them in building the Communist Party USA. The Communist Party, they say, is critical to building the fightback. Gus Hall is General Secretary of the Communist Party. Angela Davis is a member of the Central Committee of the Party." - CPUSA leaflet


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