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Daily LIFT #276

Unidad Popular ("Popular Unity"), poster, Chile -- Daily LIFT #276

Today is the 50th anniversary of the victory of Salvador Allende as the Presidential candidate for the Unidad Popular in Chile.

"For a long time, science and technology have made it possible to assure that everybody enjoys those basic necessities which today are enjoyed only by a minority. The difficulties are not technical, and - in our case at least - they are not due to a lack of national resources. What prevents the realisation of our ideals is the organisation of society, the nature of the interests which have so far dominated, the obstacles which dependent nations face. We must concentrate our attention on these structures and on these institutional requirements.

Speaking frankly, our task is to define and put into practice, as the Chilean road to socialism, a new model of the State, of the economy and of society which revolves around man's needs and aspirations. For this we need the determination of those who have dared to reconsider the world in terms of a project designed for the service of man." from Salvador Allende's first speech to the Chilean parliament after his election.


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