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Daily LIFT #440

Lenin Pin USSR c. 1970 -- Daily LIFT #440

Today is the 151st anniversary of Lenin's birth.

Amilcar Cabral:

We are not saying anything new. Today everybody, even the colonialists and imperialists, fully realizes that without the victorious Great October Revolution, without the establishment and consolidation of the world's first socialist state—the Soviet Union—and without the successful continuation of Lenin's cause, the oppressed peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America would have remained in the darkness of colonial slavery. The political map of the world would have looked quite different, for the anti-imperialist, national-liberation movement would not have assumed the scope and power it has today. Everybody knows that the Leninist analysis of imperialism and imperialist domination is a powerful weapon for the national-liberation movement and all forces fighting imperialism.

Fidel Castro:

Lenin is a truly exceptional phenomenon in human life ... It is rare when in some process—and perhaps, never in the political process generally —someone's mind, thought, perspicacity were able to make such a huge contribution to the development of that process as the mind, thought and perspicacity of Lenin.

Tim Buck:

Lenin didn't speak, or write, about the necessity for audacity in the way that Danton did but he showed his capacity for it in a greater variety of engagements and on a greater scale than the famous French revolutionist had opportunity to know of. Lenin demonstrated the decisive role of audacity in revolution more clearly and more dramatically than has any other revolutionary whose activities are recorded. The fact that so little is written about this characteristic of his is striking evidence of the fact that mankind at large, including Communists, is still discovering so much that is new in Lenin's theoretical and ideological work that admiration of his remarkable intellectual audacity attracts the main attention. The personal audacity which was the physically decisive factor in some of the greatest of his historical achievements is usually accepted as though it flowed naturally and automatically from his theoretical conclusions—come to think of it, in his case it did. That's the sort of man that he was. Lenin's personal audacity, the superficial appearance that he didn't even realize the extent of the risk involved, was the more inspiring because it was in fact always the result of conviction, arrived at by careful study, and never of unthinking recklessness.


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