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Daily LIFT #514

The women's delegation to the International Conference of Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan meets with government officials, Kabul August 1979 -- Daily LIFT #514

A notable quote comes from the Kabul Declaration that was issued at the conference:

Education is no longer the monopoly of a handful of the elite who were the most favoured persons in the past. Medical benefits and facilities which were the monopoly of a handful of exploiters in the past are now put at the service of he people. Women, the most oppressed section of the population hitherto, enjoy today equal rights and opportunities and now they are playing their fundamental due role in the building of new Afghan society.
Different nationalities in Afghan society of today enjoy equal rights and have the full opportunity to flourish -- an opportunity which they never dreamt of before. The Government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan has taken fundamental and practical steps to eradicate oppression, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and exploitation by the handful of privileged of the old Afghan society.
A new society, a new social system, a new generation in the history of Afghanistan -- these are the fruits of the Saur Revolution.

The Saur Revolution also abolished such practices as forced marriages.

This is was what swept away by imperialist support for the "Mujahedeen" and counter-revolution.


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