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Daily LIFT #516

Cover of Lenin on Educating the Youth, published for the centennial of his birth, USSR 1970 -- Daily LIFT #516

Two quotes from Lenin found inside:

"In a certain sense it may be said that it is the youth that will be faced with the real task of creating a communist society. For it is clear that the generation of workers brought up in capitalist society can, at best, accomplish the task of destroying the foundations of the old, capitalist social life, which was built on exploitation. At best it can accomplish the task of creating a social system that would help the proletariat and the working classes to retain power and to lay a firm foundation, on which only the generation that is starting to work under the new conditions, in a situation in which exploiting relations between men no longer exist, can build."

"We can only build communism out of the material created by capitalism, out of that refined apparatus which has been molded under bourgeois conditions and which—as far as concerns the human material in the apparatus—is therefore inevitably imbued with the bourgeois mentality. That is what makes the building of communist society difficult, but it is also a guarantee that it can and will be built. In fact, what distinguishes Marxism from the old, utopian socialism is that the latter wanted to build the new society not from the mass human material produced by bloodstained, sordid, rapacious, shopkeeping capitalism, but from very virtuous men and women reared in special hothouses and cucumber frames."


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