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Daily LIFT #811

Stamp in honour of the 20th anniversary of the German Democratic Republic and the building of the iconic Fernsehturm Berlin TV tower, 1969 -- Daily LIFT #811

October 7 was Republic Day in the socialist German Democratic Republic. On that day in 1949 the country's constitution was passed. Republic Day was celebrated until the counter-revolution of 1989.

In 1969 the iconic Fernsehturm Berlin TV tower was completed in the GDR. It was inaugurated on October 3 in the runup to the anniversary. It has been open to the public since October 7, 1969.

After the counter-revolution the tower was eventually turned over to the privatized Deutsche Telekom making it one of countless things built in the Socialist Bloc and former USSR to be stolen from the working-people who created it during the 1989-1991 counter-revolutionary wave.


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