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Dartmouth men's basketball team makes history voting to unionize

Dartmouth Basketball Team

Image via SEIU on X

The Dartmouth men’s basketball team in the United States has made history by voting to unionize, marking a significant step toward forming the first labor union for college athletes. The players, in an election supervised by the National Labor Relations Board, voted 13-2 in favor of joining the Service Employees International Union Local 560. This groundbreaking decision could have far-reaching implications for the National Collegiate Athletic Association's (NCAA) hyper-exploitative "amateur" business model.

The move to unionize comes as a response to ongoing discussions about the rights and compensation of US college athletes. While this vote is a major milestone, there are still steps to be taken before the labor union is officially formed. Nonetheless, it represents a significant shift in the landscape of the big money game of US college sports.

College sports in the US is very big business for all involved except the players. Colleges, universities, advertisers and media all make huge profits off these players who are, farcically, classified as amateurs and not properly compensated or treated. Given that most will not go on to make fortunes in the big leagues this has long been overdue for change.



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