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Disneyland Paris workers strike for higher wages, better working conditions

Disneyland Paris workers marching in the theme park, May 30 -- image via Twitter

Disneyland Paris are out on strike for the second time in a week demanding higher pay to help with the soaring cost of living and inflation, double pay on Sundays, better working conditions and more flexible hours.

The Confédération Générale du Travail (CGT) which represents them has posted the full set of demands.

The walkouts at Disneyland began May 10 with 200 workers participating. This rose to 500 during a second walkout May 23. On Tuesday, May 30 the participation of workers rose to 1,000.

The strikers are seeking a monthly wage increase of 200 Euros. According to Forbes magazine "Disneyland Paris posted a strong 2022 with a $51 million operating profit and record revenue of $2.6 billion."

The workers and the CGT have promised future job actions will be coming.



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